San Francisco Bay Area


The San Francisco Bay Area provides a nearly endless array of activities and opportunities – from digging a shovel into your local community garden to chowing down on nachos at a Warriors game. As a natural inclination for fun and adventure nudges us ever onward, we have made it our unofficial goal to explore our home to the fullest – one of the best and most enjoyable things about it being its connection to the outdoors. Stretching out along the coast, the Bay Area embraces its gentle mountains, crashing surf, and criss-crossing bike trails with an inspiring and encouraging enthusiasm.


Growing up in this obliging and fertile place, we have both developed a taste for fresh air and salt spray. With truly beautiful weather  forecasted for the weekend, we decided to take advantage of the rare sunshine and head to Pacifica for a morning of crabbing and an afternoon of cooking.

Cue the ominous music.

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