pop up

Every Day is Winzday!


Last Friday we went to a pop-up dinner in the city, planned and executed by a friend-of-a-friend (that was a delightfully San Francisco sentence to write). Inspired by the wacky and absurd creativity of Willy Wonka (with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory playing on a projector in the clean loft space), Pure Imagination was a romp through Nic Winzey’s culinary dreamscape. It was a hugely successful event, all the more so because it was Nic’s first. The inspiration provided by friends and family (people you actually know) is often the most powerful, and Nic has it in buckets. She took a rough job market and transformed it into an opportunity to showcase her impressive cooking and entertaining abilities. The rest of us, supportive loved ones and hangers-on alike, showed up to reap the benefits (namely a succession of tempting bites, a glass or two of wine, and some new friends). (more…)