first we eat

If you call yourself a foodie, a gourmand, or if you simply love food – like I most certainly do – then you already know that the San Francisco Bay Area is a mecca for great restaurants, food producers, and markets. With so much culinary diversity at your doorstep, how could you not go and explore?

First We Eat was started in 2013 by myself and my culinary partner-in-crime, Olivia. Together we fearlessly tackled recipes that we had never previously attempted and set alarms on Saturdays just to make sure we had enough time to make those udon noodles before lunch. Fast forward three years and life has taken us in different directions. Olivia has started her new adventure in medical school and I made the decision to be a full-time momma.With Olivia’s blessing I hope to continue what First We Eat set out to accomplish for both of us!

Our love of cooking, eating, and going on adventures that involve cooking and/or eating inspired us to create this blog.  Generally my events and outings are scheduled around a meal or going to try a new place, which Olivia and frequently planned together. My goal with this blog is to highlight all the spectacular food and drink happening in the Bay Area and to eat first, then do everything else!


We would love to hear from you!

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for things we should cook and places we should eat please send us a message:


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